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Trashy Nightlife Productions
For lots and lots of Resources.
22nd-Dec-2007 11:29 pm - Iconbases
24 iconbases
maybe is this something for you..

(click here for the iconbases)
5th-Dec-2007 03:33 pm - Tutorial 002
We are going to make
in to
and 3 more examples under the page

(Click for the tutorial)

3rd-Dec-2007 05:54 pm - Tutorial 001
in to
and 3 more clearer examples under the page.

(click for the tutorial)
2nd-Dec-2007 09:47 pm - Welcome
Welcome to the opening of TrashyNightlife.
Soon here will be lots of tutorials and resources.
All just so that you, and we could learn more about designing.
Please notice that we only use Adobe Photoshop so if you use Paint shop pro, we could not help you ;)

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